Who We Are

Role models are needed for the next generation of young black women. Kennetra is stepping up to share her success story and inspire others. Kennetra Searcy and the KSLS stand on the front line to promote growth and development for African-American women. The mission of the nonprofit organization is to empower black women with strong and positive beliefs in their strength, intelligence, and unique beauty.

To help accomplish these goals, Kennetra has set up a college scholarship for African-American Women with the backing of the organization. The KSLS is awarded each year to a high school senior, so she can pursue higher education to reach her full potential.

Kennetra is capturing the attention of the media, public, and young women with her activism. With much accolades, she embodies the ideals of community service and works to draw attention to important causes.

Kennetra was declared her own day by mayor of Houston (Sylvester Turner) in her honor in 2017. She is active in promoting pageant causes, such as The Heart Truth. This raises awareness about heart disease, the number one disease that kills women. In addition, Kennetra speaks on behalf of other causes such as lupus, sickle cell anemia, and breast cancer. Through education and activism, Kennetra and the KSLS Organization are creating awareness and change.

Contact us today to join us in celebrating and empowering young black women. Located in Texas, KSLS takes applications from female students across the country.

Time has never shown itself prevalent as it has now because being a black queen is not all about being beautiful and showing how we strut, it’s how we present in high dominant positions as black queens with a purpose.

— Kennetra Searcy